COVID Appointment Procedures & Requirements

At Massage by Jun our main concern is your safety. Phase 3 of NYS Reopening requires Massage Therapists to follow specific guidelines. Massage by Jun has also put into place additional methods to protect your safety. Please follow the below procedures to comply with NYS COVID and 721 Media Center building regulations…

1)   Appointment required no walk-ins accepted.

2)   Upon arrival in the parking lot, please call 914-474-2197 and I will meet you at the door.

3)   You must have a mask on at all times. This includes walking to/from your car, while in the building, and during your massage. While lying face down (prone position) mask is not required as I have implemented alternate protection. While lying face up (supine position) mask is required.

4)   As you enter the building you must sign-in and your temperature will be taken with an infrared non-contact thermometer. Temperature must be below 100.4.

5)   Hand Sanitizing Gel and disinfecting wipes are available upon entrance & exit of Seven21 Media Center and my office and massage room.

6)   Executive Order No. 202.33 requires social distancing & disinfection protocols be followed, so please stay clear of others in hallways.

7)   New COVID Health Information & Screening forms must be completed.

8)   As your Massage therapist, I am required to wear a face mask and face Shield.

9) UVC/Ozone room disinfection along with HEPA and Carbon Air Purifiers are in use. Massage room will be completely sterilized after each client.

10)  Payment options… I can invoice you the day prior and you can pay online with a credit or debit card. If you choose to pay in the office, I will immediately email your invoice and you can use your cell phone to pay online with a credit or debit card. If you wish to pay by check or cash, simply place your check or cash in my UVC/Ozone sterilization box or I will sterilize it with a UVC sterilization wand.

11)  Future appointments are strongly recommended, as I must limit my appointments by 50% due to NYS COVID policy.

12) As we acclimate ourselves to this new way of life, lets do our best and hope for a vaccine and end to COVID-19.